I think there’s nothing more important than adding a pop of color to life at every turn. Sure, as an artist, I’m biased; but I’ve watched the psychological lift that beautiful hair color gives a client; I feel the energy when I see vivid shades in nature; and I know my own spirits soar when I dress in hues that sing to me.

Sharing with you today a few of my favorite ways bring those rainbows into life…

Surround yourself with flowers: How easy it is to pick up a bunch of brilliant orange tulips next time you’re at the grocery store; or place a single crimson rose on your station? The effort is minimal, but the impact huge.

Jazz up your hair color: Want to know what’s going to be hot, hot, hot for spring? Painting tiny pink strands into the nape of blonde hair; or wrapping luscious red into blah, faded brunette lengths. (I do this by adding Ruby Red to Beth Minardi Signature Shades Demi Crème Dynamite. And it is…dynamite!)

Dress yourself brilliantly: I always feel best when I wear pops of my favorite colors…a lapis blue sweater; hot-pink scarf; or jewel-green shoes. Changes my entire outlook for the day.

Transform your makeup: It’s always amazing to me how a single beauty swap can bring on the biggest self-esteem boost. And color will be all over the map this spring, so integrating new shades into your palette will be incredibly easy. For lips, we’ll see crimson, pink, orange, and oxblood. On eyes we’ll be catching glimpses of cobalt liner and smudgy blue shadows.

Bring your plate to life: We eat with our eyes before our mouths, so treat yourself to meals that feed all the senses…colorful greens, coral sweet potatoes, fuchsia beets, yellow carrots, pink salmon. Bonus: It’s considered the healthiest nutrition move you can make.

Bring cheer to your living space: A blazing throw pillow…vivid chaise…or glazed vase in the entry can change the whole nature of the place you call home. The difference between walking into a room of beige and walking into a room artfully sprinkled with color is huge. And emotionally nurturing.

How do YOU bring color into your life? From hair to there, I want to hear about your favorite uplifting rituals…