Breaking the Ice

Leave it to It Girls Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift to bring back a blast from the past. Icy blonde tones—known these days as “Snowlights”—are returning as the color of the moment. This lighter-than-ivory look is exquisitely sheer, pale, cool…and makes a gorgeous, if not bold, statement. Snowlights also require a substantial commitment and plenty of tender loving care. Let me explain:

Frequent color retouches are a must. No matter how naturally light your roots are, trust me—they aren’t light enough.

Processing can take some time. And there’s no cutting corners—if you do, you’ll end up with yellow hair, which is a non-starter.

Achieving the color on dark hair can take two visits. If a client’s hair is naturally light, though, Snowlights can be created in a single visit.

It flatters some—but not all-skin tones. The shade can be a true hit if it flatters the wearer’s skin and eye color. But if it’s not quite right (and you’ll know it if you hold the color up to your face), consider shades of tan blonde as an alternative. Not as daring, but still lovely.

Highlights can help. If you’d rather dip a toe into the look without going all in, icy blonde highlights are a perfect substitute. You get the pale intensity without the full commitment.

More cool ways to ice things up for summer? Try…

Frozen gin and tonics: The “hottest” cocktail, and more elegant now than a margarita. (It’s all about freezing tonic in ice cube trays, then bringing out the blender so things turn slushy.)

A rich, metallic lipstick: Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Adora is a metallic golden red that utterly pops–the perfect counterpoint to icy hair.

Frosty fashion: Pale pink, chiffon yellow, a hint of hydrangea, and even pewter were all over the runways…these de-pigmented shades are just as important for summer as your favorite brights.

So what do you think about ice, baby? Love it or leave it…do let me know!